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Beautiful and elegant, Pointe Shoes are not only the tool of our trade they are a part of who we are, and they are expensive. 

A single pair of handmade shoes costs upwards of $80 a pair and depending on the Season, a pair of pointes may only last through the demands of rehearsals and performances for just one day.

We invite you to donate to our Pointe Shoe Appeal today and become an integral part of our story.  


Our Annual Pointe Shoe Appeal is supported by Creative Partnerships Australia through Plus1. 
For a limited time ALL donations received to our Pointe Shoe Appeal will be matched dollar for dollar – this means your contribution will DOUBLE and can turn one humble shoe into a perfect pair of pointes.    


Melbourne City Ballet's Annual Pointe Shoe Appeal is supported by Creative Partnerships Australia through Plus1. 




Did you know?

Here are some facts about Melbourne City Ballet's pointe shoes that you may not know:

  • MCB spends in excess of $20,000 per year on pointe shoes.
  • Pointe shoes may only last one performance before they are broken
  • They are all hand made in special factories across the world
  • There is no assigned left or right shoe
  • Artists shape, mould and alter their pointe shoes when received to be just right for their feet. No two performers feet are exactly alike.
  • Pointe shoes cost an average of $80 each but may go up to $180 per pair of shoes
  • Each female MCB dancer can use up to 50 pairs of pointe shoes a year!

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How can I help?


For a small donation, you can contribute towards one of our performing artists' tools of the trade for their training or performances.



buys the required ribbons and elastics for one pair of pointe shoes.



buys one pair of Pointe Shoes for a Company Artist.



buys Pointe Shoes for a Company Artist for one production. 

Don't forget the men


buys one pair of men's ballet flats


buys mens ballet flats for one dancer for one production 


buys mens ballet flats for one dancer for one year



Melbourne City Ballet is genuinely grateful to all donations received and gratefully acknowledges the generous support from the following:


Donations Received

Over $1,000

Capezio Australia ($2,500)

$501 - $1,000


$251 - $500

Peter Gillahan (National Photography)

$101 - $250


Up to $100

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