About Us.


Melbourne City Ballet is a full time classical ballet company based in Coburg, Victoria. The organisation is focused on developing classical ballet throughout metropolitan, regional and remote areas of Australia, at ticket prices affordable to most audiences. Our artists are some of the finest dancers within the country, known for their strength and diversity.  

As a company, Melbourne City Ballet is passionate about the following;

  • creating more opportunities for up and coming performers,
  • promoting actively the need for artists to have a healthy studio environment to facilitate their career
  • creating collaborative relationships with other artists, theatres, corporate entities and festivals to establish a new trend for ballet within Australia. 

Our company operates throughout the full year providing performances through regional and metropolitan areas. Melbourne City Ballet are very fortunate to boast a diverse repertoire of contemporary and neoclassical works while also maintaining traditional classical repertoire. 

In additional to our performance company, our programs are designed to work alongside upcoming performer's training with a focus on enhancing their performance skills. Melbourne City Ballet currently offer a significant number of training programs to develop upcoming artists, these consist of:

  • Junior Extension Program
  • Elite Part Time & Full Time Program
  • Finishing Year (Pre-Professional)
  • Melbourne City Youth Ballet.

These programs are designed to educate in the areas of polishing, professional experience and performance respectively. Melbourne City Ballet strongly believes in the benefits of gaining experience with industry professions and our supportive programs assist us to do so.