Ariana Hond

I have been with Melbourne City Ballet since 2015, during this time I have seen the Company grow and each production gets bigger and better. With over 20 full-time dancers and at least five major productions each year in addition to an incredible touring schedule of over 40 venues across Australia our expenses for core items such as Pointe Shoes is increasing quickly.  

Fortunately Melbourne City Ballet's Annual Pointe Shoe Appeal has secured the generous support of Creative Partnerships Australia through its Plus1 program. This is fantastic news for us as it means, for a limited time ALL donations received to our Pointe Shoe Appeal will be matched dollar for dollar – in other words your contribution will DOUBLE and can turn your donation into a perfect pair of pointes for one of our dancers.

All donations to Melbourne City Ballet over $2 are now tax deductible, I hope that this Christmas you will be able to become part of our story and donate a few dollars, every little bit certainly helps! 

Ariana Hond
Company Artist

 Ariana Hond, Melbourne City Ballet Company Artist. 

Ariana Hond, Melbourne City Ballet Company Artist. 

performance pointes

I have eight different roles in The Nutcracker this year! (compared to the usual 2 or 3 in each production). Each role has required lots of rehearsal and all have a lot of pointe work. I am unable wear the same pair of pointe shoes for the whole show, this is partly because of the demands of each role and partly because of costume requirements. My shoes for Snow Queen are different to my Doll pointe shoes or Spanish pointe shoes. So after 6 weeks of rehearsals and 2 weeks of shows, I will go through at least 10 pairs of pointe shoes.

 Ariana rehearsing with Tynan Wood.

Ariana rehearsing with Tynan Wood.

pointe prep

I started wearing pointe shoes at age 11, I got them straight after my Grade 5 RAD exam. So that’s roughly 10 years in pointe shoes! I don’t even want to think about how many pointe shoes that would add up to!

I wear customised Heritage Strong pointe shoes, when they are available.

Customised shoes are much harder for the Company to get as they take longer to arrive and cost a lot more. However they are more precisely fitted to my foot therefore more comfortable and also longer lasting. When I am unable to have my customs, I wear a stock standard Heritage Strong or plain Heritage shoe.

 Ariana as Dorothy, backstage on Melbourne City Ballet's  The Wonderful Wizard of Oz  tour.

Ariana as Dorothy, backstage on Melbourne City Ballet's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz tour.

personal highlight

Dancing the lead in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz last season was such a fabulous experience. It was the company’s biggest production to date and so much work was put in by everyone. So to be able to perform the role of Dorothy was such a pleasure!

But something that will always be a highlight of my career was performing in Kenneth MacMillan’s Romeo & Juliet with Carlos Acosta, Tamara Rojo and Steven McRae when I was dancing with Queensland Ballet. Having this production was a big moment for ballet in Australia, and I am so proud to have been a part of it.