Pendant Lighting, Custom Lighting and Floor lamps.

Lighting fixtures are electrical devices that provide illumination over a particular area. They are not only known for illumination but also for adding aesthetic values as well. There are various types of lighting fixtures including:

Floor lamps: 

These are lighting fixtures held up by a stand, it could be wooden or even metal. They are perfect for providing illumination in various places including homes, offices and so on. One of the many advantages of floor lamps is that they can be set up with little or no procedure, once they are connected to an electrical source of power, they are ready for use. Floor lamps could be said to be divided into two:

  • Regular floor lamps: These are floor lamps that shine downwards, they are perfect for general lighting because the light that shines downwards reflects round the room thereby illuminating the area.
  • Torchiere floor lamp: These are floor lamps facing upwards, this type produce ambient light by reflecting the light that has been focused on the ceiling.

Floor lamps are distinct from other light fixtures such as pendant lighting because they are mobile and they can also be adjusted to suit the momentary needs. They come in different styles and designs that not only illuminate the environment but adds beauty to the home or office décor.

Pendant lighting:

These are light fixtures suspended by a chord, the hanging structures come in different forms and sometimes can be adjustable to suit your needs. These fixtures come in different deigns. However, in a home there are different types of pendant lighting which should be used. This means that the pendant lights used in a living room should not be the same as the vintage pendant lighting you may have in the kitchen, if you need more information about types and styles of pendant lighting then visit this page. As you are exploring your options, you will notice pendant lighting fixtures have a variety of uses including:

  • Area lighting
  • Task lighting
  • General lighting.

Types of Pendant Lighting.

Drum pendant: As the name implies, they are designed in the form of drums and come in different shades.

Globe pendant: This comprises a bulb encased by a round globe or a spherical object as the case may be, this type could be use in the kitchen.

Multiple pendants: This refers to installing multiple pendants together in a bid to create an array of lights that look beautifully combined.

Mini pendants: Just like the name implies, they are tiny and display the bulbs, they are excellent for focusing and are mostly used in the toilet.

Custom Lighting:

Custom lighting has been able to match the technical expertise of lighting engineers, the expertise of interior decorators and quality lighting materials to ensure that a whole new lighting world is opened for the world to see.

Located in Australia, Barn Light is able to showcase their various custom lighting for various projects from vintage to industrial lighting pieces while upholding the quality of their lighting. Whether its cultural, ultra-modern, antique or even abstract pieces you desire there is a custom lighting solution for you.

   Light is mankind’s greatest accomplishment, it evolves and we must always strive to evolve with it.